In October 2019 the 3rd and 10th Hastings Brownies joined together for a special sleepover. This was unusual as the Brownies and leaders would be sleeping inside Legoland. Every year Legoland offer these exclusive sleepovers on certain weekends throughout the year, and they are very sought after.

The day started when we all met in Falaise Road on Saturday morning to get the coach to Legoland. Brownies had been given strict instructions to fit everything including a sleeping bag into their wheelie case, as they had to carry everything themselves when we got to Legoland. Most Brownies managed to achieve this. It was also special as a former leader from the 10th, Claire was joining us on the trip. We had a good journey to Legoland, stopping at the services on the way so that the leaders could get the much needed coffee, and of course the toilet run for the Brownies.

Upon arrival at Legoland we were greeted by Nayab, Millie and Matt who were going to look after us over the weekend. We said goodbye to the coach driver Mark, and he would return Sunday afternoon to pick us up to take us home. We walked through the park to the education centre which was next to where we would be sleeping. After a welcome talk we were free to explore the park until 5pm when we would meet back up for evening meal. We had wristbands which gave us fast track access to some rides. We split into groups and headed off to the rides. We got as many rides as we could in before we had to go to eat. The evening meal was unlimited pizza and pasta in the City Walk Pizza and Pasta restaurant. It was really yummy. After that we went to see our own exclusive showing of the Lego movie. By now everyone else was leaving the park as it was closing. It felt really strange to still be there with only the staff. Security fences were put up around our accommodation to stop us wandering around the park!

After the movie we moved into the Reef which was where we would sleep. We said goodbye to Eagle Owl and Grey Owl as they were staying at a nearby hotel for the night and would come back in the morning. We laid out our bedding ready for later. We then built lots of Lego models as there were big containers full of all sorts of Lego. This was for the inventor badge. We were also able to play with the huge interactive screen to build Lego fish. After this we then went to bed after a very exciting day. We needed to get lots of sleep as we had lots more to do the next day.

We woke up early on Sunday and ate our breakfast in the Reef. We then went next door to the Education Centre for a Lego robotics workshop which was really cool. When the rides were due to open we split up into our groups ready to hit the rides once again. We went on lots more exciting rides and then met up for lunch at the Pirates Burger restaurant. It took ages to get served for lunch as there was a group of over 100 Cubs eating at the same time. After lunch we had very little time so we went back to collect our bags and head back to the coach. We said our thank you’s and goodbyes to the amazing staff who had made us feel so welcome. Mark our coach driver was waiting for us, and drove us home back to Hastings.

This was the most amazing sleepover. Not many Brownies can say they have stayed overnight in Legoland in the actual park. And every Brownie who went gained their inventor badge after completing the last clause when they got home.

Thank you to the leaders Janice, Kevin, Becky, Nathan, Sarah and Claire,and the Young Leaders Maisie and Isabel who looked after the Brownies for the weekend, and often went on rides that they really did not want to go on!! The Brownies had a lot to tell their school friends when they went to school on Monday.